Cookies Policy

  1. What are cookies?

    A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to your terminal or device (either a computer, smart phone or tablet) when you access a web page or use an application that allows the owner of the page to store or retrieve information about aspects of your navigation.

    From the COMPANY we want to offer you the necessary information about the cookies used in the Website and/or the Application, so that you have full capacity to decide on the use of the same and on the protection of your privacy.

  2. What cookies do we use?

    We use cookies in order to enable, customize and analyse navigation, improving the quality of the services offered through this Service. The cookies used are classified into several categories, although a cookie can be included in more than one category:
    Session cookies: temporary cookies that are not stored in your terminal, but disappear when the browsing session ends.
    Persistent cookies: cookies that allow data to remain in your terminal and can be processed beyond the end of the session.
    Own Cookies: are those that are sent to your terminal from our application, although some of them are provided by the Google Analytics tool.
    Third Party Cookies: cookies that are sent to your terminal from a domain that is not managed by the COMPANY, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies. In order to allow various features, we use cookies from Vimeo, Inc. to play videos.
    Technical Cookies: cookies that enable navigation through the Website and / or the Application and the use of their options or services, such as those that allow traffic control and data communication, session identification, access to restricted areas or use of security elements during navigation.
    Personalization Cookies: cookies that allow you to access the Website and / or the Application with some predefined features depending on criteria such as the language, the type of browser or the regional configuration from where you access the service.
    Analytic Cookies: cookies used to track and analyse the behaviour of users. This type of cookies allows us to measure the activity on the Website and / or the Application through aggregate or statistical information on browsing habits. In this application analytical cookies are used, some of which are provided by the Google Analytics tool.

  3. Who uses cookies?

    The information that is collected through the cookies downloaded from the domain managed by the COMPANY, is used by the COMPANY and by Google Inc., as a provider of the analysis services.

    Vimeo, Inc. accesses the information collected by the cookies managed from their domains. For more information it is recommended to access the links provided for this purpose.

  4. How can you manage cookies?

    When the user accesses the Website and / or the Application for the first time is informed of the existence of cookies and this Cookies Policy. If he continues browsing, it is understood that he consents the installation of the cookies informed.

    Subsequently, the user can consult this Policy from the link enabled for that purpose. If he wishes to withdraw the consent at any time in relation to the cookies of the Website and / or the Application, he must delete the cookies stored on his terminal and uninstall the Application / modify the configuration of his Internet browser. However, we inform you that if you prevent the installation or delete cookies, some features, services and contents of the Website and / or the Application may be affected.

    Internet browsers allow you to view, deactivate, restrict, block or delete cookies. Here is how you can configure cookies in the main browsers, although we recommend that you consult the Support or Help of your browser to obtain detailed and updated information depending on the version of your browser and the terminal used.

    Also, we inform you that some browsers allow you to activate a private or incognito mode of navigation under which cookies are installed in the terminal but are automatically deleted when the browsing session ends.