Zity Saving Calculator

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The money you save with Zity

This figure is the result of subtracting what you would spend using Zity alone from what you already spend on owning your own car.

Discover the things you can do if you take the plunge and get rid of your car.

Current Expenses

Where did we get this figure from? It's very simple. We add everything you say you pay for your car while it is stopped and the gasoline you spend in your day to day and...voilá! a lot of money.

With Zity

To find out how much it would cost you to move alone with Zity, we add up all the minutes you use the car around the city according to your answers, and multiply them by the estimated average driving price in Madrid, additionally applying the most beneficial rates for the user: Madrid flat rates plus the discount using the €100 saving pack.

It could be even less if you use the specials Zity saving packs!


We have calculated the CO2 emitted by a combustion car in the trips you indicate you make with the following formula:

  • Average car combustion emissions = 110.5 g CO2/km.
  • 51,99 gr CO2/min