Zity by Mobilize launches the Driver’s Days initiative ahead of summer: free rentals every Tuesday to get around the city

From the 1st of July until the 31st of August, Zity becomes even more convenient in one of the most expensive cities all around europe when it comes to urban mobility

Milan, 30 June, 2023

Zity by Mobilize, the leading 100% electric car sharing service, recently celebrated its success one year after its arrival in the city of Milan, an important milestone and a sign of the progressive interest of the citizens of Milan in an increasingly sustainable and accessible mobility for all. With an exponential growth of its users and an expanding fleet, Zity’s business model is appealing and its figures confirm it; among the main and most attractive features of the Zity service are: zero costs associated with registration, no additional charge per kilometer traveled, and no costs for unlocking or locking the car.

As an ally of people who want to live their city without neglecting their economy,  Zity has now conceived “Driver’s Days, ” a promotion thanks to which every Tuesday, from the 1st of July to the 31th of August, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. each rental from the 100% electric Zity fleet, will be completely free of charge up to a maximum discount of €8 with unlimited rentals available. 

As a result, Zity’s fares, already very competitive compared to the complementary costs applied by its competitors and by the conventional taxi service, will become even more advantageous.

Mobility in Milan is not always affordable for the Milanese. According to data, Milan is the second city in Southern Europe where the price per kilometer of a taxi is the most expensive – 2,18 euros/km, 50% higher than the cost per kilometer in Rome (1,42 euros/km) and almost double than in Madrid (1,12 euros/km). Additionally for those who move within the city in their private vehicle, have to face the price of fuel which is currently higher than in other cities, such as for example Rome. (Milano 2,01€/L, Rome 1,99€/L).

These were some of the main reasons that prompted Zity to launch this promotion.

Indeed, generally speaking,  

For a daily taxi service, the basic fare starts at EUR 3.70 (weekdays), EUR 6.00 (public holidays) and EUR 7.20 during the night. An additional EUR 2.00 is charged per kilometre travelled and an additional charge of EUR 0.50 per minute of waiting time. If during the day these fares can therefore amount to 15-20 euros for a journey of around 20 minutes, they increase considerably at night.

In terms of ride-sharing companies, for a journey of 20 to 25 minutes – the average time of a typical journey in the city – some private transport services can charge up to 25, or even 30 euros overnight.
Zity allows people to travel the same routes for less than 10 euros; a very substantial saving.

In addition, the many positive results gained by the Zity car sharing service make it the city’s best mobility friend. Thanks to the ‘Savings Packs’ conveniently accessible from the Zity App, users benefit from per-minute price reductions of up to 40% per trip, and every time a user completes a rental, the amount is automatically discounted from the starting balance.

The areas reachable by a Zity car in Milan are many, from the downtown to the suburbs. In the central area, starting and completing your rental is totally free, as is parking.

The key word remains flexibility: you can move freely wherever you like while taking advantage of the Stand By mode, Zity’s super-reduced rate that allows you to briefly pause your rental for whatever you need. 

Accessing the ‘Driver’s Days’ promotion is extremely simple. Just download the application and complete the registration – if you are a first time user you will also be able to take advantage of the welcome discount. Becoming part of the Zity by Mobilize community means joining the eco-sustainable movement of the brand, already committed to changing the paradigm of urban mobility in the cities of Milan, Madrid, Paris and Lyon.

Informazioni su Zity by Mobilize

Zity è la società di mobilità partecipata da Ferrovial e dal Gruppo Renault. Presente a Madrid, Parigi, Lione e Milano, conta 610.000 utenti registrati con una flotta 100% elettrica di 1.875 veicoli. Sicurezza, sostenibilità e innovazione tecnologica sono alla base del progetto che consente agli utenti di prenotare, avviare e terminare il noleggio da un’applicazione mobile. Gli utenti possono parcheggiare il veicolo sia all’interno sia all’esterno dell’area di servizio grazie alla tariffa Stand by super-ridotta e terminare il noleggio in qualsiasi punto e in qualsiasi momento all’interno dell’area Zity.