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The car sharing Zity By Mobilize is now available in Milan

  • With over 6,000 registrations collected only in the pre-launch phase, the new 100% electric car sharing is now active in the city
  • The service is available with a launch rate of € 0.23 per minute and 450 Dacia Spring cars

Milano, 23rd June 2022

After the great reception shown by the Milanese citizens at its announcement of arrival in the city, Zity by Mobilize confirms the activation of its 100% electric free-floating car sharing in the city of Milan starting from today, 23rd June 2022.

Milan is the fourth city reached by the service, after Madrid (2017), Paris (2020) and the most recent Lyon, active since March of this year. After the announcement of its arrival, over 6,000 Milanese users have chosen to pre-register to the service and are now ready to start traveling with zero emissions in the city and beyond.

With 450 Dacia Spring, Zity brings to Milan a new experience of mobility: sustainable, thanks to the 100% electric fleet, and smart, since the service is managed completely via app. A novelty that is certainly appreciated by the inhabitants of the Lombard capital: according to an independent research commissioned by Zity on shared mobility, more than 340,000 in the city claim to be active users of sharing services, and 79% of respondents say they are concerned about the environment. The average age of car sharing users in Milan ranges from 36 to 45, and 62% of them use the car for their daily commuting. Other factors, such as demographics and purchasing power, contribute to making Milan the ideal location for Zity’s free floating car sharing service.

What is Zity?

Zity is a 100% electric car sharing service born in Madrid in December 2017, the result of a joint venture between the infrastructure operator Ferrovial and Mobilize, the Renault Group mobility company. Already active in Madrid, Paris and Lyon, it has over 560,000 users and a 100% electric fleet of 1.875 vehicles. At the heart of the project are safety, sustainability and technological innovation, which allow users to book and rent a car simply via the app.

In 2021, Zity recorded 1,5M rentals and 8M€ turnover in Madrid and Paris. Globally, the fleet travelled more than 17 million kilometres (+19% compared to 2020), thereby avoiding the emission of 659 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere which is equivalent to 542 personal cars driven for one year.

Zity arrives in Milan

Zity is a free-floating electric car sharing operator, which means users can locate and rent 100% electric vehicles 24/7 from anywhere within the service area, simply via app. Zity’s fleet is available to be rented in an area of ​​112km2 within the city of Milan, and thanks to the ‘Stand By’ mode, it is also possible to keep the rental outside the service area, reducing the price per minute by half. After the trip, users can terminate the rental anywhere within the service area.

Zity’s Milanese fleet consists of 450 Dacia Spring, a 100% electric four-seater city car with a compact, essential and robust design. Thanks to its 305km range in WLTP City cycle, the small turning radius and connectivity functions (Apple Car Play and Android Auto), the Dacia Spring is the ideal car for the daily needs of car sharing users in the Lombard capital.

How to use Zity

Download the app and register for free in less than 6 minutes

The Zity app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Once the app has been downloaded, users must create their account by sending some identifying information (email, phone number) and upload a selfie and photos of their identity document and driving license. Registration is free

Discover the nearest car in the map, book it and pay per minute

Even after the registration, everything happens through the app. The service is available 24/7 and the fleet is sized so that each user can find a vehicle within a 10-minute walk. You only need to open the app on your smartphone to locate a vehicle near you. A car can be booked for up to 20 minutes so that users can reach their vehicle without rushing.

Once the rental has started, users can drive anywhere, including outside the service area, within the limits of the car’s autonomy. They can use the ‘Stand By’ mode to pause their rental while reducing the price per minute. No subscription or fixed costs are needed.

To finish the rental, there is no need to bring the car back to a terminal: cars can be left in any available street parking space inside the area. Zity’s operational teams take care of the maintenance, cleaning and charging of the cars.

Flexible rates

Registration to the service is free and no subscription is needed. Zity is a free-floating car sharing service, with rates per minute. The price per minute includes rental, parking (within the service area), insurance, charging and maintenance – there are no additional costs when opening the car or for extra mileage. Due to service’s launch, an interesting offer is available with a fixed rate of € 0.23 per minute, currently the most competitive price in Milan.

Zity also offers a special ‘Stand By’ rate, which significantly reduces the price per minute (€ 0.12/min during launch) and which the user can activate when the vehicle is parked and wants to keep the rental, for example while you are on a date or shopping. The ‘Stand By’ mode can be activated at anytime, anywhere (even outside the service area) and for as long as you want.

Launch Prices

 Driving ModeStand By Mode
Standard rates (launch promo)0,23€ /min0,12€/min

Flat rates

The hourly or daily flat rates range from four hours to 3 days. They are applied automatically when the car is rented for a long period of time, so that the user does not have to choose in advance how long he will have to keep the car. The system always applies the best rate; for example, as soon as the rental reaches € 49, the user can keep the vehicle for up to 24 hours of total rental at no additional cost. Flat rates are also currently subject to further promotion during the launch period. The promotional rates will be valid until October 31.

29 €39 €49 €79 €99 €
4 h8 h24 h48 h72 h

Saving packs & Insurance

Finally, Zity Bundles are available on the App menu and the website that allow for further savings; for example, by purchasing a € 100 bundle, the user receives € 130 credit, therefore a 30% bonus. The balance can be used for 18 months in all cities where Zity is active.

Users who initiate a rental with Zity are covered by a comprehensive policy with excess. The franchise can be reduced to 250€ in each rental paying a small tax of 2,49€.  The cover includes legal defence and legal assistance, travel assistance, and assistance in case of accident and broken windows.

Current promos and bonuses

In the pre-launch phase, the first 5,000 users to complete the registration in the city of Milan received a € 50 bonus, which Zity made available on their accounts when the service was activated. After this initial promo, all new users benefit from a € 10 bonus.

Bonus 4 friends: Zity users can get extra credit by inviting their friends via app. For each new user who completes his first rental, they’ll receive € 10 credit.

Zity by Mobilize

Zity è il servizio di car sharing di Ferrovial e Gruppo Renault. Presente a Madrid, Parigi e Lione, conta oltre 560.000 utenti con una flotta 100% elettrica di 1.875 veicoli. Sicurezza, sostenibilità e innovazione tecnologica sono i valori alla base del servizio, che permette agli utenti di prenotare, aprire e avviare o terminare il noleggio da app mobile. È possibile sostare sia all’interno che all’esterno dell’area servita grazie alla tariffa ridotta Stand by, e terminare il noleggio in qualsiasi momento e in qualsiasi punto dell’area Zity.

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