Zity presents itself as the affordable and sustainable mobility alternative during transport strikes

  • During past transportation strikes, platform usage has multiplied x2
  • The company launches an ambitious promotion whereby the first 30 minutes of driving will be free of charge.

Lyon, March 6th, 2023

The 100% electric carsharing company, present in Lyon since March 2023, has seen its registrations and usage increase during the strike days.

The increase in demand and the lack of alternatives during transport strike days, increase on average 35% the number of rentals, with peaks, such as the strike of November 18, up to 100%. Registrations in the app grow, on average, between 30 and 40%.

It is normal that, given the lack of affordable transportation alternatives during strike days, the number of users and uses of our app will grow. Our mission as a ridesharing company is to help citizens in their daily commute in the city through an affordable and sustainable transportation alternative”, says Javier Mateos, CEO of Zity.

In anticipation of the upcoming transport strike scheduled for next Tuesday (March 7th) , and in order to raise awareness of the service, the company is launching a promotion whereby the first 30 minutes of driving time will be free of charge from Tuesday, March 7 through Sunday, March 12, after entering the promotional code LYON30 in the promotions section of the application.

Zity service in Lyon

Currently, Zity has 125 Dacia Spring 100% electric vehicles available for rent by the minute in the city of Lyon. The price varies, depending on demand, between €0.21 and €0.41 per minute of driving. The cars are located and booked directly from the app and rentals can start or end within the service area that includes the urban core of Lyon. During the promotional period, users will receive a direct discount on their bill of €9, the equivalent of 30 minutes of driving time, on their first 10 rentals from Tuesday, March 7 through Sunday, March 12.

Zity by Mobilize

Zity is the shared mobility company of Ferrovial and Renault Group. Present in Madrid, Paris, Lyon, and Milan, it has 610,000 registered users with a 100% electric fleet of 1,875 vehicles. Security, sustainability, and technological innovation are the bases of the project that allows users to book, open and start or end the rental from a mobile application. Users can park the vehicle both inside and outside the service area thanks to the super-reduced Stand by rate and end the rental at any point and at any time within the Zity area.

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