Milan and street art

Do you like art? Discover street art in Milan

Milan is a veritable open-air museum for those who know how to discover the city’s neighbourhoods. Not only fashion, the cathedral and international fairs, Milan is a goldmine for those who love street art.

Wandering around the neighbourhoods, especially the more peripheral ones, you can admire works by artists from all over the world. This is why we engaged not only Francesca Noe, on instagram as @amilanopuoi, but also our Zityzen to discover together the hidden art of Milan.

The first stop on this tour was in the Lambrate district with an impressive mural by Federico Massa in art @iena cruz called Anthropoceano. A denunciation of the exploitation of resources and the consequent ruin of our fragile ecosystem, the work is entirely made with a special paint that eats smog.

You can find all the information at this link

This spectacular mural is located in Via Viotti, discover it on a Zity!

Another must-see stop on this street art tour was in the Ortica neighbourhood by the @ormeorticaproject, 20 works scattered around the neighbourhood that aim to relive the history of the 20th century so as not to forget.
This is the case of the mural dedicated to the centenary of the March on Rome and in particular to those persecuted by fascism.

All the works in this project are by @orticanoodles

But also the wall of flowers, surely the most colourful in the whole neighbourhood. A wall completely covered with red poppies, flowers symbolising peace in memory of all the victims of world conflicts.

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