Zity launches safety sensitization campaign

  • The carsharing company once again reinforces its commitment to safety, both behind the wheel and in personal relationships, by launching an innovative awareness campaign
  • For the third consecutive year, Zity by Mobilize has achieved to reduce the number of accidents by 51% with the “Safe Driving” Pilot
  • Through this pilot, the carsharing company has achieved to identify that 39% of impacts occur at less than 20KM/hr, concluding after analysis that 52% of these accidents are motivated by distractions

Madrid, xx June 2023

Leading carsharing company Zity by Mobilize once again reinforces its commitment to safety by launching an innovative sensitization campaign. In addition, and to promote responsible driving and encourage healthy personal relationships, the company has produced information leaflets that make an interesting comparison between safety at the wheel and safe relationships.

Under the slogan ‘For a free and safe pride’, the company seeks to highlight the importance of personal responsibility inside and outside the car. According to the results of its “Safe Driving” Pilot, more than 39% of accidents occur at less than 20km/hr, concluding after analysis that 52% of these accidents are motivated by distractions. Aware of this reality, Zity by Mobilize has set out to raise sensitize among its users about the importance of safety in all aspects of life.

During this week, and on the occasion of Pride, Zity will distribute an information leaflet to remind us of the importance of safety in our relationships. The information pamphlets emphasise how prudence, respect and conscious decision-making are key to both avoiding traffic accidents and maintaining healthy and safe personal relationships.

“At Zity we are committed to safety. We want our users to enjoy a safe driving experience and promote respect and responsibility in all facets of life”, assures Pilar Garcia, CMO in Zity by Mobilize.  “The results of the safe driving pilot have shown us that many accidents could be prevented with greater attention and knowledge, so we have developed this communication campaign to raise sensitization about the importance of personal safety in all our actions”.

Through its “Safe Driving” Pilot project, 250 electric vehicles in its Madrid fleet have driving assistance devices, whose operation is based on artificial intelligence for risk assessment and alerting. In this way, the company has achieved to reduce the frequency of accidents by 51% since May 2020, improve the driving habits of its users and capture real-time information on the condition of vehicles. In addition, risk events reduced by 28% such as braking, sudden or improper driving, alerts for possible collision, excessive speed or risk situations due to pedestrian crossings.

Thanks to the good results, the number of on-board devices in Madrid has been increased by 100 units, reaching 350.  In addition, Zity by Mobilize will launch its “Safe Driving” Pilot in June in its fleet of 450 vehicles in Milan.

Remember to be careful and safe on the road, and equally vigilant in your private moments.

Travel safely with Zity! 💚