Where to park your Zity? Check our 4 golden rules

Follow these rules to become a Super Zityzen and park our cars like a pro! 😉

To answer your most frequently asked questions, here are four golden rules:

  1. Park on street

The city is yours! Park for free in authorized spaces* throughout our service area, even the ones labeled as “PAYANT”. If you park outside the Zity Area, parking fees are at your charge.

  • Always stay above ground (please)!

Do not park in underground or covered parking garages (even in Stand By mode) 🙏

  • EV parking spots are not your friends…  

Parking a Zity in a spot allocated to electric vehicles actually is a violation of the Highway Code.

In fact, those spaces are dedicated to charging electric cars. Hence, simple parking is not permitted. It is also not allowed to park on other spaces reserved for shared vehicles (like Mobilib).

Avoid these spaces or you might get fined.

  • “Reserved spaces for carsharing vehicles”… 🥁…are off limits!

These spots are actually dedicated to station-based carsharing (“Mobilib” in Paris). Users of these services can only park in these spaces and must return their vehicle to the same location they picked it up from.

With Zity, you can park for free in any paid parking space within the service area.

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We’ll be waiting for you… Until then, take it easy with Zity! 💚

* Free or paying public places on street, authorized by the Highway Code and the local regulations in effect (except places in market areas).