Zity By Mobilize confirms positive trend one year after its arrival in Italy

The company has seen a significant increase in its users, since its debut in Italy: 70,000 total users and an average rating of 4.25/5 stars attest Zity as an established partner in sustainable mobility

Milan, June 8, 2023

Since landing in Italy in June 2022, the 100% electric carsharing service Zity by Mobilize has spread rapidly thanks to the exponential growth of its users: Zity started in Madrid with a fleet of 500 and now it has a fleet of 1,875 cars between Madrid, Paris, Lyon and Milan.

Zity’s business model is based on the rental of electric vehicles by the minute. It is a model that operates under the free-floating modality, the whole service is managed through an app that is installed free of charge on Android and iOS mobile devices – from booking the vehicle to opening, starting and ending the trip – and no key or deposit is required to rent a vehicle. In other words, its modern and well-equipped cars are available on the street to any user, unlike station-based services, where cars are only available at certain points in the city.

In Italy Zity has achieved more than 1.300 rentals per day since launch, with almost 500.000 rentals until today. As of today, Zity has 70,000 users: a figure that confirms full adherence to the services offered by the company by a growing number of citizens.

“More and more users are relying on Zity’s carsharing and this is evidenced by the rating of more than 60 % of new registrants who have rewarded the services of a full electric fleet with an average of 4.25/5 stars rating. This is a figure that does us credit and adds to the nearly 4 million kilometres driven so far, for a daily average of 11,000 km, without the use of fuel,” commentsThiago Figueira, General Manager of Zity in Italy.

Thanks to fast and intuitive technology, Zity carsharing proves to be a safe ally for every citizen: it has in fact reached important agreements with other mobility partners such as Free Now, integrating their fleet in their app and allowing their users to rent a Zity.

Commitment to sustainability

Zity has been created with the firm objective of improving life in cities through affordable, fair and safe mobility and services, reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible: it offers low-impact mobility solutions that complement the public transportation network, using electric vehicles, with zero emissions, and electricity obtained from renewable sources, in those cities where is possible.

Since its arrival, almost 500 Tons of CO2 has been saved from the atmosphere pollution, the equivalence of planting 3.000 trees, thanks to the eco-friendly fleet offered since the service’s debut: The 100% electric fleet not only helps to eliminate pollutant emissions, it also contributes to reducing noise pollution by more than 20% compared to petrol fleets. Zity’s environmentally friendly products and materials involve users in its environmental objectives to achieve a better future.

Zity’s numbers in the Milan area

In its first year of operation, Zity’s carsharing has proven to be attentive to the needs of citizens, from mobility-related necessities to granting affordable prices also through Flat rates per hour or per day, automatically applied when the car is rented for a long period of time and always applying the best rate. Because of this attention to the customer, Zity is becoming more and more into the city of Milan and the data prove it:

  • More than 70,000 registrations reached during the first year and an average of more than 1.300 rentals per day, spread over a full electric fleet of 450 units.
  • The company sales in 2022 reached to 1,5M€ and Zity expects to multiply them by 4 in 2023.
  • 250.000 Rentals in 2022, almost 500.000 accumulated since June-2022
  • 1.300 avg Daily rentals since June-2022. In February, the company set records of daily rentals reaching more than 2.900 in just one day, and in other months peaks of 2.500 were achieved.
  • The average ticket is 8,5€ and proves successful even for small trips, with a standard duration of 35 minutes of travel time.
  • The service area where a user can start and finish their rental is 129 km2, although users can go further thanks to Stand By Mode, which allows them to make as many stops as needed and then come back to the service area for ending the rental.
  • On average, Stand By Mode is activated for 10 minutes during a rental, and it is the super-reduced rate that the user activates when the vehicle is parked and wants to maintain the rental in situations such as attending a meeting or going shopping.
  • 15% of users are students from Milan’s various universities, a considerable figure considering that students represent a small segment of the population compared to workers, and this shows how Zity is an attractive mobility solution even for younger people, a safe and economical way to get around the city. Most non- students’ users are employed (81%).
  • Zity’s carsharing format An average of 4.25/5 stars and 60% of five stars ratings attest Zity as a trusted partner in sustainable mobility.
  • Almost more than 500  tons of CO2 emissions were avoided and not emitted into the atmosphere thanks to the full electric fleet.
  • Since December 2022 the service expanded to Milano-Linate airport with 10 parking spaces exclusively dedicated to Zity’s users.
  • Zity is contributing to generate employment, currently 30 people work permanent or temporary for the company. 
  • The average age range of “Zityzens” is 88% between 18 and 39 years old and of this percentage 30% of users are between 20 and 29 years old. In terms of gender, it is estimated that 48% are male, 24% female and 17% ambiguous.

Objectives for 2023

Among the objectives of Zity by Mobilize the intention is to reach the breakeven point in Milan by mid-2024. The business evolution trend, the efficiency of the operations and new features for the customers as the recent launch of saving packs, are the main levers that the Company will put in place to make it possible.

To provide the best possible experience for its users, Zity continually improve its in-house carsharing digital platform developing new features such professional profile in the App and plans to be integrated in external mobility solutions to facilitate the usage of the service to more citicens. in the coming months.

Zity is evaluating to expand its coverage in other areas of interest around the city and are very likely to increase their fleet during 2023. Moreover, it is planned for the launch of DUO, a new two-seater vehicle by Mobilize, specifically designed for carsharing.

“Our main goal for this year is to achieve full profitability, and we are convinced that, counting on this very positive trend, we will achieve it before our second anniversary. In addition to the partnership with Free Now, we have other collaborations in the pipeline; we will also work closely with Mobilize to include models designed specifically for carsharing, such as DUO, that will increase the coverage of the service in those areas in the centre of the city where parking is more difficult,” continues Figueira.

In addition to service quality and price, the two main drivers that guide customers in their choice of Zity carsharing, the company is increasingly investing in safety. Zity is mainly dedicated to mobility but its goal is not limited to making travel simple and eco-friendly, but also safe. This means having safe and modern vehicle models, equipped with Renault active and passive safety systems (historically a leader in the safety sector) and preferring safety in service. The brand conducts various initiatives aimed at ensuring greater driving safety; this is demonstrated by the introduction of “Safe Driving Pilot” in the Milan fleet, available starting in June for 250 cars:

“Safe Driving Pilot, introduced in Madrid in 2022, has reduced the accident rate in our fleet by 51%. This is a crucial function that is based on the implementation of safety systems that allow “anticipating” risky accidents and informing the driver,” concludes Figueira.

In addition, Zity offers different Savings Packs through its app, which allows users to reduce the price per minute through the pre-purchase of credit balance and move around the city with their vehicles. By clicking on the tab “Saving Packs” and selecting the unit they prefer, people can drive cheaper: every time a user completes a rental the amount will be discounted automatically by the balance they had.

PayGetGet % ExtraDuration
Saving Pack 23 19,99€23€15%30 days
Saving Pack 6049,99€60€20%60 days
Saving Pack 10079,99€100€25%90 days
Mega Saving Pack 12879,99€128€60%21 days

Zity by Mobilize

Zity is the shared mobility company of Ferrovial and Renault Group. Present in Madrid, Paris, Lyon, and Milan, it has 610,000 registered users with a 100% electric fleet of 1,875 vehicles. Security, sustainability, and technological innovation are the bases of the project that allows users to book, open and start or end the rental from a mobile application. Users can park the vehicle both inside and outside the service area thanks to the super-reduced Stand by rate and end the rental at any point and at any time within the Zity area.

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