Pricing Policy

We have designed our Zity rates to adapt to all your day-to-day needs.


Registration fee


Download the app and sign up for free.


Driving per minute rate

0,21€ – 0,41€

When you are driving, pay only for the minutes of use. Without limit of kilometers, asterisks or small letters.


Parking per minute rate (Stand By)

0,11€ - 0,21€

And when you do make a stop, switch to Stand By mode to keep your rental and get a super reduced rate.


Protection Plus Service

Up to 2,99 €/rental

Stay safe, take out the Protection Plus service on your rentals and reduce your excess in the event of an accident.

Always drive cheaper with our Zity bundles!

* Protection Plus service conditions always updated in the App.

Flat rates

If you keep renting the same vehicle for several hours, the app will automatically apply the cheapest flat rate.
For example, as soon as your bill reaches 70,99€, the 24h flat rate will be applied and the minutes that remain until you reach that time will be free.

Activate the Stand By mode to keep the same rental and the Fantastic Flat rate associated with it. No worries, the time spent in Stand By is included in the price!

Check out our blog post for more info.

Flat rate 4 Hours

4h 40,99

Flat rate 8 Hours

8h 50,99

Flat rate 1 day

Until 09/30/2023 49,99

Flat rate 2 days

48h 99,99

Flat rate 3 days

72h 129,99

Additional charges

To ensure that the car you book is in perfect condition, we apply a series of penalties to users who misuse the service.

Additional fees Price
Costs for damage to vehicule or fine billing fees Per invoice
Costs for damage to the vehicle if the general conditions have been met 1.000,00 €
Costs for damages with reduced excess 150 €
Administrative charges
Administrative costs of fines 20,00 €
Claims fees for unpaid bills 20,00 €
File costs in the event of damage (in addition to the deductible in the event of an accident resp / no resp / without a third party) 35,00 €
Operating charges
Reduction of the insurance excess to 150€ Up to 2,99 €/rental
Fee for users under 21 years old 3 €/rental
Fee for novice or high-risk driver (age of driving licence, minimum age, driving habits or driver's history in Zity). Up to 5,99 €/rental
Fee for starting and/or ending a rental in Special Zone (High or Low Demand) Up to 5,99 €
Fee for starting and/or ending a rental in a Special Zone (Transport Hubs, Train Station, Zity Authorised Parking, etc.) Up to 9,99 €
Impound costs Excluding the travel of one of our agents or service provider mandated to pick up the vehicle and get it back on street. 250,00 €
Towing charges for a vehicle within the A86 Zone 150,00 €
Towing charges for a vehicle included within the A86 Zone 300,00 €
Towing charges for a vehicle on the motorway / ring road and outside the A86 Zone 500,00 €
Travel costs for an operator (caused by the customer) 60,00 €
Vehicle immobilization costs for locating a lost object (max. 4 hours) 40,00 €
Penalty for smoking inside the vehicle 80,00 €
Costs in case of end of rental not respecting the minimum battery level required (range < 10 km) 50,00 €
Special cleaning costs in the event of non-compliance with the general conditions - Light cleaning that can be done on the road 40,00 €
Special cleaning costs in the event of non-compliance with the general conditions - Intensive cleaning requiring a visit to the washing station 80,00 €
Other charges
Charge for allowing a non authorised person to drive a car 200,00 €
Management fees for the end of rental in a paid car park, or in private or underground spaces (no StandBy) - Excluding travel / towing costs 60,00 €
Charge for non compliance with Terms & Conditions 200,00 €
Charge for driving a car out of the country 1.000,00 €
Charge for card validation (new registrations and new cards) 0,01 €
Call fare to Customer Service Local rate
Loss or damage to the ignition key or the system holding it 100,00 €