Press Releases


  • The carsharing company will incorporate 250 Spring to its fleet in Paris.
  • The brand-new model is specifically designed for carsharing

Madrid, 4th June, 2021

Zity, a carsharing company, has announced today that it will integrate the new Dacia Spring to its fleet in Paris. Available since June, it will start with the adoption of 150 units and it will be completed by September with the incorporation of 100 units more, reaching a total amount of 250 units.

Users from Paris will be able to rent the new Spring through the app since the ending of June. In Madrid, it is expected that Dacia Spring will join Zity’s fleet during the last quarter of 2021.

With the Dacia Spring’s incorporation, Zity strengths its commitment towards offering modern, sustainable, safe, comfortable and connected cars to the users. The brand-new model complies with all these values. It is a 100% electric and four-seater car with a compact, simple, and robust design, completed with a range of 305km WLTP in urban environments.

Perfect for carsharing

Spring is a compact SUV with a small turn radius, which means it is the perfect car to steer without difficulties in the city and to easily park in central streets. Its connectivity is a highlight.  Thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, users can personalize their onboarding experience with music or favourite destinations.

The rear-view camera and navigation system complete what users are demanding the most. In the end, it is a comfortable and simple car to drive for both: the most regular drivers and the casual ones.

The carsharing version of the Spring has a 100% electric motor that is very pleasant to use, silent and vibration-free, and its large wheel arches, reinforced front underbody, rear protection and raised ground clearance make it a safe vehicle. In addition, it provides permanent regenerative braking that allows energy to be recovered every time the foot is lifted from the accelerator, and in any circumstance its range is increased by pressing the ECO button on its central console.

«Providing the safest, most convenient and flexible service to our users is the most important thing for Zity. But it is also a challenge for us as a company. That is why this model allows us to fulfill our promise to the user, but also allows us to achieve sustainability over time of the business itself,» says Javier Mateos, CEO of Zity, «The incorporation of the new Spring in our fleet is another step to achieve this goal, and to expand our business to more markets where a model like ours has a place».

Multi-model fleets

The Dacia Spring will join the Renault ZOE, which the company currently has, allowing users to choose not only by battery level and equipment, but also by type of use and number of seats.

The Spring will be gradually adopted in the fleet during the third quarter of 2021, replacing 250 of the 500 ZOE vehicles in Paris. In Madrid, the renewal of ZOE units is expected to take place, foreseeably, from September 2021.

The current fleet between Madrid and Paris is 1300 vehicles – 800 in Madrid and 500 in Paris -, all of them 100% electric and 0 emissions.