Come usare Zity?

Zity’s operative zone

The Zity app map is very intuitive; you can easily locate the operational service zone where you can rent, put on standby, and end your rental (identified by light gray).

Outside the operational zone you can use your Zity and stop in stand-by mode but not end the rental.

If you go outside the service area, remember to check your battery level! Our cars have a range of 230km in optimal conditions and for better battery performance remember to use the ECO button!

zona operativa zity

What do the pink areas you find on the map identify?

Milan is a very lively city in terms of local markets, which is why we identify areas where markets are scheduled for the next day. In these areas you will not be able to end your rental but only stop in stand-by mode.

Of course, you can also use this information to take a ride through the markets 😊