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Your own car o carsharing: Zity By Mobilize launches a tool for comparing costs

The “Zity Savings Calculator”, allows you to know what are the fixed costs of owning your own vehicle and what would be the cost and possible savings if you only use the carsharing service.

On average, a citizen of Madrid could save more than €3,000 per year by using only carsharing for their trips around the city. 

Madrid, September 13th of 2022

Private vehicles spend more than 90% of their life parked and only 10% of their useful life is used, yet we pay for the car continuously. In addition, fuel and energy prices have increased dramatically due to rising inflation and the war in Ukraine. Filling up the tank or recharging an electric vehicle is, on average, 35% to 500% more expensive than it was a year ago. 

Based on this data and growing public concern, the car sharing company Zity by Mobilize has developed a savings calculator that allows citizens to find out the possible annual savings by using Zity for their commute instead of buying or maintaining their private car. 

It is an online comparator with which the company aims to raise awareness of the advantages of using carsharing, allowing to know the savings in costs and emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere. 

 “Our purpose as a company is to improve life in cities by offering affordable, fair and safe mobility that reduces the impact on the environment. As part of this commitment, we provide citizens with this simple digital tool that allows them to know not only their possible economic savings but also how it would contribute to improving the air quality in their city,says Javier Mateos, CEO of Zity by Mobilize.

The Zity Savings Calculator

The “Zity Savings Calculator” allows to calculate the cost of owning a vehicle. Through this link and by answering a series of questions related to mobility and driving habits, in less than 5 minutes, citizens will know if they could be saving by switching to shared mobility. 

calculadora ahorro zity

After completing the questionnaire, the user will see on a single screen how much money they could save annually by using this transport model instead of keeping a car they own. It will also show how much CO2 emissions would be avoided to the atmosphere with Zity, which is committed to sustainability by reducing emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere by having a fleet of 100% electric vehicles and 0 emissions. A commitment to contribute to achieving long-term sustainable development goals.

How does it work?

When entering the website the user will have to answer a battery of questions to calculate the following aspects:

  • The fixed costs of the private car: how much the user spends on vehicle maintenance, gasoline, insurance payments, parking, etc. 

  • Commuting habits: frequency and daily duration, and how many long trips the user makes. Result: an amount of money and travel time is obtained, which will be translated into the Zity budget. In addition, the user will be able to know the CO2 emissions that he/she would avoid to the atmosphere by using carsharing. 

  • Comparison: For the calculation we use the actual time of use and the fixed costs declared by the user with the average cost per minute of Zity driving in the chosen city.  
calculadora de ahorro zity

The Zity savings calculator will be available in the countries where Zity currently operates; Spain, France and Italy.  

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*Calculated on the basis of: 125€/month fuel, 200€ monthly fee and 80€ garage space, 255€ workshop, maintenance or revisions of the vehicle, insurance 550€ per year, 60€ in taxes, with an average driving time of 40 minutes 5 days a week, and a use of 3 extra hours per month for three days of use for leisure or shopping, c0unt also a couple of long trips or getaways per year with an average expenditure of 150€ in fuel.

Zity by Mobilize

Zity is the shared mobility company of Ferrovial and Renault Group. Present in Madrid, Paris, Lyon and Milan, it has more than 560,000 users with a 100% electric fleet of 1,875 vehicles. Safety, sustainability and technological innovation are the cornerstones of the project, which allows users to reserve, open and start or end the rental from a mobile app. Users can park the vehicle both inside and outside the service zone thanks to the super-reduced Stand by rate, and end the rental at any point and at any time within the Zity zone. 

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