How does it work?

Zity 4.0 is out!

Your carsharing application Zity is evolving with the release of its 4.0 version.

To create a more enjoyable 24/7 car rental experience for you, we have completely redesigned the app. With this new release, we present a layout more intuitive combined with a sleek and flowing design.

Available on iOS and Android since February 14, the app is in alignment with our brand’s colors.

Zity 4.0

Mission: As easy as Zity

With this new version, our first goal is to assist you when you learn how to use the app and the service. To do so, you will find embedded information bubbles. About to finish your rental? Take a look at our checklist before leaving the vehicle.

For any questions, feel free to contact our smart assistant on WhatsApp. You can access it from the main menu by clicking on “Customer Service”. 

Zity aims to be more accessible

New features have been developed to make it easier for our users to make decisions.

– A mini Zityzen is coming along? We got you covered with the “baby seats” option in the filter list.

– You like to stay on the safe side? Set our “Excess Reduction” option as default in your preferences. Tap on your initials (in the main menu) and click on “My data”.

The design is clearer and so is the content…

Check your e-wallet and keep track of your balance and vouchers at a glance. Also new, all your trip details (including billing) are now available in your rental history.

Ever more attentive to your needs

We have rethought this application for you, to better fit your needs.

To understand you and your expectations, different forms are displayed in the app. Have you decided to cancel your reservation? Only 1 star on your last trip? In a matter of seconds, you can tell us more.

We keep on working to improve your experience. Several other features are already under development, including simplifying the registration process.

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