Zity grows 56% in 2022 and exceeds the record highs of billing reached in 2019

  • The company also experiments significant growth in users and fleet.
  • The business in Madrid reaches the breakeven point in October, which is currently maintained.

Madrid, February 02, 2023

Following the expansion of its service to Lyon and Milan, Zity by Mobilize experimented a global growth of 56% in 2022[i], exceeding €12 million[ii], surpassing the historical highs reached before the pandemic. In addition, the carsharing company announced that in October 2022 reached the breakeven point in Madrid, which is currently maintained.

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*Zity billing history

In 2021 we were already beginning to recover the volume of business that we had been experimenting before the pandemic. This allowed us to expand our service to other markets, a strategy that has been very successful because we have managed to achieve our goal of being profitable in Madrid within in the term that we had set ourselves, in addition to obtaining excellent results in the French and Italian markets”, says Javier Mateos, CEO of Zity.

The company has also experimented a 22% growth in registered users1 after reaching 610,000 globally, who rate the Zity service with more than 4 stars once they finish renting it in the four cities. In addition, its global fleet has also increased by 44%1 (more than 575 new vehicles in 2022), reaching the 1,875 100% electric cars. During 2022, its entire fleet traveled 18 million kilometers, preventing more than 1,900 tons of CO2 from ending up in the atmosphere.

Main facts of 2022

Zity has also carried out different strategies and launches during 2022 that have allowed it to maintain its privileged position in the field of shared mobility:

  • Launch of the service in Lyon and Milan in March and May of last year, respectively. With this expansion, Zity has reached 59,000 new users in 2022 between the two cities and has increased its fleet by 44% with more than 575 new vehicles. The total of its fleet, in both cities, has covered more than 2 million kilometers, preventing the emission of more than 270 tons of CO2.
  • Integration of automatic verification in the registration process through the biometric technology of the technology company Veridas, which currently allows the highest level of security in the treatment of new registrations, while enabling a new registration and validation user in less than six minutes.
  • Integration of its services in FREE NOW application in Paris, Lyon, Madrid, and Milan, which allows complete management of the trip through the FREE NOW application (Discovery – vehicle location – Booking – vehicle rental – Payment – service payment). It is the first time that it is integrated with another mobility application.
  • September 2022, launch of the ‘Saving Calculator’,which allows citizens to find out the possible annual savings using Zity for their trips instead of buying their private car. According to the responses provided by users, in more than 36,000 visits, we know that the annual average cost declared for owning a car amount to almost €5,000, while the annual average cost of using Zity in the same way as a private vehicle does amount to €1,300.
  • October 2022, Zity deployed a pilot project to install 50 tablets in its Madrid fleet to improve the experience on board and increase user safety. If the results are satisfactory, the pilot will be extended to the rest of the markets.
  • Since November 2022, users can increase the savings packs offered by Zity through the mobile application, allowing savings of up to 40% in just three clicks.
  • The company increased its Incentive Program with new features that allow users to get free money in their Zity account:
  • Bonus Area: The system returns 15% of the amount of the trip to users like a Zity balance for the next rental when the user completes a rental in the bonus areas highlighted in the application.
  • Car Bonus: The application returns 15% of the ticket like a Zity balance for the next rental when the user rents one of the bonus cars marked in gold by the application.
  • Bonus 4 Friends: Zity users get extra credit by inviting their friends to use the Zity service through the application. For each new friend who completes their first rental, the user will receive up to €10 of credit.

2022 has been a year marked by important events that go beyond expansion to other markets and that reinforce our clear commitment to innovation, sustainability, and safety. Three pillars that have been part of our DNA since we started operating more than five years ago”, continues Javier Mateos.

Zity has also developed a new customer service – Help System – which, from March 2023, will allow users in the four cities to make certain queries or transactions through the mobile app in a simple and intuitive way. This new service, which will be available in four languages – Spanish, English, French and Italian -, will help users to save time when using our service, either by guiding them through the application so that they can do the management themselves, or by opening an incident to our customer service so that Zity can solve it. Some of the procedures of Help System includes:

  • Modification of account data or update of documents associated with the registration.
  • Information on possible incidents with the vehicle, such as alerts, or problems opening or closing the car and regularization of the same.
  • Information on payments, unexpected charges, fines, or invoice requests.
  • Management of incidents related to promotional codes and lost and found.

The service will also offer a suggestion channel from the app so that users can send us their comments and propose improvement ideas for our service.

Strategic and sustainable growth

During the past financial year, Zity Madrid experimented a growth of 19% in turnover1 and 13% in registered users1. Likewise, since it reactivated its service at the Barajas Airport, in June 2022, it exceeded 10,000 trips starting or ending at the airport.

In France, the company experimented significant growth of more than 49%1 in rental of the service. Factors such as the fuel supply crisis or continuous transportation strikes have boosted the awareness of the service and the increase of the subscribers.

The launch of the service in Milan on June 23rd was very well received even before its official launch, with more than 13,000 registered users. Since last December, the service has also available at Milan-Linate Airport with 10 parking lots reserved exclusively for Zity service and exceeding 200 trips starting or ending at that airport.

More than 10% of the energy that Zity consumes in Spain is of self-generated solar powered because in May installed solar panels on an area of ​​500 m2, generating 84.32 MWh of electric energy, which means 3,135 annual charges for the Dacia Springs (more than 60 charges per week). This company’s environmental commitment is added to the use of 100% certified renewable energy thanks to the renewal of the agreement with Iberdrola.

Objectives for 2023

Zity not only wants to maintain the breakeven point in Madrid, but also wants to reach it in Lyon, Milan, and Paris, to consolidate its business in all the markets in which it operates. For this, Zity will continue to work hand in hand with Renault’s Mobilize business unit to create integrated mobility solutions that respond to all user needs.

Consolidating our business in all the markets in which we operate is our premise for this year. We hope to achieve this with the roadmap that we have set for 2023, and which will be marked by different novelties and differentiating initiatives that we have planned for this year. New vehicles, services more adapted to the needs of our customers that complement the current success cases and an important commitment to the comfort and reliability of our services”, concludes Mateos.

The company will continue to analyze opportunities with other mobility operators and complementary service providers, and expects to close agreements with off-street parking operators, such as the one recently announced with Telpark, which allows its users to park freely and without the need for a prior reservation. in any of the available parking spaces.

On the other hand, Zity has launched an important renewal plan during the first half of 2023, which will affect more than 400 units in Madrid and Paris. It will also continue to analyze the market to see the possibility of increasing its fleet with more Dacia Spring units. This strategy will be joined by the launch at the end of 2023 of the DUO, a new two-seater Mobilize vehicle designed specifically for use as a carsharing vehicle.

Zity by Mobilize

Zity is the shared mobility company of Ferrovial and Renault Group. Present in Madrid, Paris, Lyon, and Milan, it has 610,000 registered users with a 100% electric fleet of 1,875 vehicles. Security, sustainability, and technological innovation are the bases of the project that allows users to book, open and start or end the rental from a mobile application. Users can park the vehicle both inside and outside the service area thanks to the super-reduced Stand by rate and end the rental at any point and at any time within the Zity area.

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[i] Compared to 2021

[ii] Taxes excluded.