How does it work?

Our dynamic pricing

To maximize our carsharing vehicles’ availability in Paris at any hour of the day, ZITY switches to a dynamic pricing.

From Monday October 19, 2020 onward, this new pricing system will come into force: from then on, you can drive a ZITY starting from €0.19/min and use the Standby mode starting from €0.11/min.

Indeed, the €0.29/min standard fare becomes flex and is now ranging between €0.19/min when the demand is low and €0.39/min when demand is at its highest.

As for the Standby fare, it goes from €0.13/min from a range between €0.11€/min and €0.21/min.

How does the dynamic pricing work?

It’s very easy: when you open the app and select a ZITY, you will see what fare is applicable at this time.

NB: the price advertised at the start of your rental will be the one applied during your entire trip, whether the demand declines or increases 👌

Drive more for less

Golden opportunity! Enjoy our ZITY at a reduced price thanks to our Gold Pin: a less frequently driven ZITY, #sad, marked in the app with a yellow “%” icon, can be a little further away but it is at a bargain, hooray! 💪

Last but not least, prep ahead and save on your upcoming ZITY trips thanks to our Fantastic Flat rate and our Brilliant Bundles…you can even combine the two!

Any questions or suggestions? We are all ears!

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