Our 3 parking commandments

 Turn into a Super ZITYzen and become the boss of parking rules!

In order to answer your most frequently asked questions, here are three golden rules:


  • Park for free on authorized free and paid parking spaces in Paris, Clichy et Boulogne-Billancourt*. If you park outside of this ZITY zone, you will have to pay for parking as you would usually do.


  • Please, do not park in underground, covered or private parking garages (even in Standby mode) 🙏


  • You can park the ZITY on former Autolib’ spaces which have an INACTIVE charging station (without a green light and a “Paris Recharge sticker on), in the ZITY zone. Check out the map of all these parking spaces! It is not allowed for ZITYzens to park on any other spaces reserved for electrical vehicles.

Also, bear in mind that we take care of charging the cars, to make your life easier and save you time 😎

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Take it easy with ZITY! ⚡🚗


*Except parking spaces unauthorized by the highway code (delivery, disabled, reserved for authorities, construction) + parking garages, spaces reserved for EV and spaces located in market zones.