Little ZITY pricelist guide

Our ZITY pricelist is thought to be more flexible than your yoga teacher to adapt to your daily urban needs! 🤸‍♂️

Our attractive rates

First good news, the registration fees and the number of kilometers travelled are free! 😎

Golden opportunity! Enjoy our ZITY at a reduced price thanks to our Gold Pin: a less frequently driven ZITY, #sad, marked in the app with a yellow “%” icon. It can be a little further away, but it is at a bargain, hooray! 💪

We apply a dynamic pricing, which means the fares automatically fluctuates according to the demand. Thus, here are our 2 per-minute dynamic fares :

  • Standard fare between €0.19/min and €0.39/min: When you are driving, pay only for the minutes of use, without asterisks or small letters conditions.
  • Standby fare between €0.11/min and €0.21/min: And when you make a stop on your way, turn on the Standby mode to keep your car rental at a super reduced price.

NB: the price advertised at the start of your rental will be the one applied during your entire trip, whether the demand declines or increases 👌

Our Fantastic Flat rates

If you keep renting the same vehicle for several hours, the app will automatically apply the cheapest flat rate:  now, that is amazing! 😍

Fancy a pic-nic in Giverny? Then, as soon as your bill reaches 49€, the 24h flat rate will automatically be applied to you and the minutes that remain until you reach 24h will be free of charge.

Activate the Standby mode to keep your rental and so your flat rate. No worries, the minutes spent in Standby are included in the flat rate!

Bear in mind: 

Above the flat rates time limits (4h, 8h, 24h, 48h) and before reaching the next flat rate, per minutes rates apply again. Finally, above a 72h rental, per minutes rates apply again.

Also, in order to make your life easier, our teams are taking care of charging the ZITY. 

Our Brilliant Bundles

Thanks to our Brilliant Bundles, drive around freely while saving money! They can be combined with the flat rates and the bigger the bundle, the greater the gains! 💪

We strongly advise you to purchase a bundle once your ZITY account has been validated.

Buy €30 and get €36 = €0.24/min

Buy €60 and get €75 = €0.23€/min

Buy €100 and get €130 = €0.22€/min

Your balance is valid in all our cities !

After you purchased a Brilliant Bundle, you will receive an email with an alphanumerical code. Enter the code in the « Payments » section of the app and just like that, you’re ready to go!

Last but not least, a reminder for the road

Brilliant Bundles and promo codes are used by nearest expiration date (kind of like in a pipeline).

So for instance, if you bought a Brilliant Bundle but you still got a bit of money from a promo code, the promo code will be used and not the bundle.

The Brilliant Bundle will be used as soon as its expiration date will be the nearest of all your “Bundles and Promos”.

Pricing type Price
Registration 0€
Kilometer 0€
Standard dynamic fare
Between €0.19/min and €0.39/min
Standby dynamic fare
Between €0.11/min and €0.21/min
4h Flat rate 39€
8h Flat rate 49€
24h Flat rate 69€
48h Flat rate 99€
72h Flat rate 129€
30€ Bundle 30€ paid = 36€ obtained
60€ Bundle 60€ paid = 75€ obtained
100€ Bundle 100€ paid = 130€ obtained

Any questions or suggestions? We are all ears!

Write us to or call us at +33 9 88 29 06 60.