The little guide to Zity rates

We’ve thought our Zity rates to be even more flexible than your yoga teacher and fit your everyday needs! 🤸

First of all, there are no registration and mileage fees! 😎

Our dynamic prices

Our rates are based on dynamic pricing. In other words, they evolve according to the demand. We have 2 per-minute rates:

• Standard [0.19€/min – 0.39€/min]

When you drive, you only pay for the minutes of use. And nothing more.

• Stand By [0,11€/min – 0,21€/min]

When you make a stop on the way, activate the Stand By mode to keep your rental at a super reduced price.

NB: the price advertised at the start of your rental will be applied for the duration of your trip, no matter how demand fluctuates over the rental period 👌

Our fantastic flat rates

If you keep renting the same vehicle for several hours, the app will automatically apply the cheapest flat rate. Amazing, right? 😍

For instance, if you go on a road trip with your friends, as soon as you reach 69€, the 24h flat rate will automatically be applied and the remaining minutes up to this limit will be free of charge.

Switch to Stand By mode to keep the rental and your flat rate. No worries, the time spent in Stand By is also included in the flat rate!

Keep in mind that beyond the hourly limit of your flat rate (4h, 8h, 24h, 48h) and before reaching the following one, the per minute price will apply once again. Lastly, beyond 72 hours of use, you will also be charged per minute.

Our brilliant bundles

Get one of our Brilliant Bundles and drive around freely while saving money. The bigger the bundle, the greater the gains! 💪

We strongly advise you to purchase a bundle after validation of your Zity account.

With each purchase of a Zity Bundle, you will receive an email containing an alphanumeric code. Open your app and enter it in your e-wallet before your next trip, you’re ready to go!

Planning a trip? Your credit is valid in all our cities!

Our bonus features

Want to enjoy our service at a reduced price? Look for one of our Bonus Cars (they sport a yellow ribbon in the app).

Rent these cars that haven’t been driven in a while (#sad) and earn up to 2€ of credit per trip on your Zity account. Our Bonus Cars might be a little further away, but they’re smart value 💪

One last reminder…

Bundles and promo codes are used by closest expiration date (like in a pipeline).

If your promo code expires before your bundle, your trip will be paid with the balance of the promo code.