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New deadlines for the LEZ in Lyon: get ready with Zity

With a quickening timeline, motorists in the Lyon metropolitan area are preparing for new restrictions. As a result, multimodal mobility and “soft” means of transportation are gaining in popularity. And electric carsharing stands out as an alternative mobility solution.

ABCs of the LEZ

The Low Emission Zone (LEZ), regulated by the French Law on Mobility, is a measure to reduce air pollution in urban areas.

If air quality is a matter of public interest, it is because pollution is believed to be responsible for tens of thousands of premature deaths each year.(1) In France, the system aims to exclude the most polluting vehicles from urban centers. To that end, access to these zones is controlled by the Crit’Air classification.

It is the responsibility of each city to define its restrictions and access policies. In France, a dozen LEZs are already implemented, including Lyon.

LEZ in Lyon: where, when and how?

In the Rhone Valley area, the LEZ includes Lyon, the town of Caluire-et-Cuire and the areas of Villeurbanne, Bron and Vénissieux located within the ring road.

Since 2020, restrictions have been applied to commercial vehicles used for goods transportation and to Crit’Air 4, 5 or non-classified lorries. Extended to Crit’Air 3 vehicles in the same category in 2021, they will continue to be enforced until 2026. Next deadline will be September 2022, when Crit’Air 5 labeled and non-classified private vehicles will be banned from the area.(2)

For the thousands of drivers affected, it will no longer be possible to drive or park in the defined zone without being fined. Several measures have been taken to help Lyon residents through this transition.

In addition to exemptions and aids to acquire clean vehicles, the Grand Lyon Métropole also supports innovation and the deployment of shared mobility services.  

Zity, an alternative solution

Launched on March 2, Zity by Mobilize and its carsharing service allows users to move within a large part of the restricted area, as displayed on this map.

Cars within a 15-minute walk can be located, booked and (un)locked from the Zity app. Available 24/7, our 100% electric Dacia Springs guarantee zero-emission travelling. Bonus point: parking for our vehicles is free of charge in the entire service area.

Go to the App Store or Google Play to download our app. Sign up for free, enjoy our €10 welcome bonus and (re)discover carsharing in Lyon!

(1) Source: 11 zones à faibles émissions en 2021 pour lutter contre la pollution de l’air. 2021. Ministère de la Transition écologique, according to Santé Publique France.

(2) Source: Zone à faibles émissions dans la métropole de Lyon. sd. Grand Lyon.

(3) Zero emissions in use: no CO2 emissions or regulated atmospheric pollutants while driving, in accordance with the WLTP homologation cycle, excluding wear parts.