Protection Plus

Have you already tried the Protection Plus service when you rent your Zity? If you have rented one in the last few days, surely you have seen the message in which we give you the option to do so for only 1.99€. We explain what it consists of.

Protection Plus is the most comfortable and cheapest way to travel without worries.

How does it work?

Every time you rent a Zity, the app will display this message asking you if you want to add Protection Plus to your rental.

If you click “yes,” €1.99 will be added to the total cost of your trip, which means that if you have an accident and you are responsible, you will not pay anything for the damage caused to the vehicle. If you select the option “hire Protection Plus on all my rentals” beforehand, the message will not be shown again and the service will be automatically applied to all your rentals. It’s as easy as that! But don’t worry, you can always disable this option in your personal settings.

The service applies until the end of the rental, regardless of its duration or the number of stops you make with the Stand By tariff.

What if I don’t take out Protection Plus and I have an accident, what happens?

You will always be covered by comprehensive insurance for you and the passengers accompanying you, but in this case, provided you are at fault, you will have to pay the excess up to a maximum of 700€. This service allows you to reduce the total cost you would pay for the damage caused, provided you have complied with the Terms and Conditions.

The covers included in the insurance are:

  • Legal defence and legal assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Accident Assistance
  • Breakage of Windows

At Zity you will always travel safely, but we also want you to do so at the best price with a reduced excess.