Zityzens Madrid


We take the sanitation and cleanness of our fleet really seriously, so much that have became the first carsharing company whose cleaning protocol against COVI-19  have been certified by Aenor.


Cleaning frequency.

Our cars are sanitated 100% of times they run into our charging bases, maximum every 48 hours.

Additionally, in order to increase that frequency, we’ve deployed itinerary cleaning patrols all around of our ZITY Zone, searching to achieve daily sanitation of the complete fleet.

We put between 8 and 10 blisters of hydroalcoholic gel in each car, use what you need and leaver the rest for other ZITYzens.


Our Protocol

The protocol begins with the collection of the vehicles, in which the operators are equipped with protective equipment and clean the most common contact areas before bringing them to the base.

Once in the charging base, an external wash is carried out with special attention to the main contact points (door and tailgate handles, rear-view mirrors, etc.).

Inside the vehicle, all surfaces are vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned, focusing on the most difficult areas (mirror regulator, gearshift, parking brake, start button, etc.) with disinfectant products that comply with UNE-EN 14476/13697 regulations.

Subsequently, the vehicles are sanitized with ozone machines and for relocation on the street, drivers are equipped with disposable protective equipment.

We apply safe products for both you and our operators and we especially watch over the safety and health of our cleaning workers, who are equipped with the necessary PPE and instructed to protect their health and yours, ZITYzens.


Rules of use

From our side, we’ doing our best to stop the spread of COVID-19, we just ask our ZITYzens to respect the following rules of usage.

  1. Mandatory use of sanitary mask during each journey
  2. Take your temperature. If you feel ill or if you’ve recently been in contact with someone whose been infected, please use other way of transport.
  3. Use hydroalcoholic gel before or after your journey.