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Zity promotes the use of carsharing during European Mobility Week

  • The company launches different promotional activities to boost the use of their service, such as reward bonuses of up to 50%.
  • This year’s goal of EMW is to save energy on commuting, aligned with the policies of efficiency and auto-generated electricity of the company.

Madrid, September 14, 2023

The European Mobility Week (EMW), celebrated from September 16th to 22nd, has become a beacon of awareness for sustainable mobility and its benefits, both for the environment and people’s quality of life. As every year, Zity by Mobilize actively participates in this initiative, significantly contributing to EMW’s main objectives, with a focus this year on energetic efficiency.

The EMW takes on an even greater significance in a context where the vehicles in use in the European Union reach the impressive figure of 246 million, while electric and hybrid cars barely represent 1.2% of this fleet. It is in this scenario that Zity places its bet on efficient driving as a key path towards sustainable mobility. The importance of this initiative is reflected in the numbers: adopting efficient driving practices can achieve significant reductions, such as 15-25% less fuel consumption, a 15% decrease in CO2 emissions, and an extension of the vehicle’s lifespan. The formula is clear: maintaining constant speeds, avoiding abrupt accelerations, and efficiently loading vehicles. Additionally, it should be noted that the current fleet of European vehicles emits approximately 258.52 million kilograms of CO2 per day, further emphasizing the urgent need to promote more sustainable mobility practices as part of the EMW.

One of the key focuses is to promote sustainable transportation methods and raise awareness about the environmental impact of traditional vehicle-based transportation. In this regard, Zity by Mobilize directly addresses these challenges by offering and encouraging, through various promotions during these days, the use of its 100% electric carsharing service, consisting of a fleet of over 1,800 electric vehicles in Lyon, Madrid, Milan, and Paris. Consequently, its entire fleet contributes to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality in the cities where it operates. Since its inception, the company has prevented the emission of over 1,900 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the company aligns with this year’s theme of “Energy Saving” as it uses 100% certified renewable energy sources in all cities where such supply is available. More than 10% of the energy consumed by Zity by Mobilize in Spain is self-generated solar energy, as it installed solar panels on a 500-square-meter surface in May 2022, producing 84.32 MWh of electrical energy, equivalent to 3,135 annual recharges or more than 60 per week for the Dacia Spring. The company plans to increase the installed capacity and cover the nearly 800 square meters of available rooftop space at its charging facility in Madrid, in addition to producing emission-free electricity through the photovoltaic plant.

The presence of carsharing companies like Zity in EMW is crucial for promoting sustainable mobility, highlighting its importance in the current context, and raising awareness about the positive impact of shared transportation options, thus advancing towards cleaner and more energy-efficient cities.

“We are happy to support one more year the European Mobility Week, a space that has become a must-attend event throughout Europe because it promotes the same values that we promote at Zity. The concept this year is Energy Saving and in this field we are at the forefront of shared mobility”, explains Javier Mateos, CEO of Zity by Mobilize.

As part of its commitment to promoting more sustainable mobility and encouraging citizens to experience an eco-friendly and efficient transportation alternative, the company will implement during the EMW, in the four cities in which it operates a series of special discounts for both, new users and existing customers, to highlight the benefits of carsharing in the context of modern and sustainable urban mobility. These promotions include:

  • Welcome Bonus up to 30€ for new users who conclude their registration in the app.
  • Bonus X Friends, the feature to obtain balance by referring contacts, will multiply X2 the incentive.
  • 50% bonus on all rentals made during European Mobility Week.

In addition, Zity by Mobilize will maintain the special Flat Rate from promotion in Paris, Lyon and Milan until the end of September, from only 49,99€ users can benefit of having a car during 24 hours all inclusive (fuel, maintenance, insurance and no limitation of kilometers)

All promotions will be in effect from September 16 to 22, both inclusive, and the balance earned will last for 15 days.

Zity by Mobilize

Zity is the shared mobility company of Ferrovial and Renault Group. The company is in Madrid, Paris, Lyon, and Milan, it has 610.000 registered users with a 100% electric fleet of more than 1.800 vehicles. Security, sustainability, and technological innovation are the bases of the project that allows users to book, open and start or end the rental from a mobile application. Users can park the vehicle both inside and outside the service area thanks to the super-reduced Stand by rate and end the rental at any point and at any time within the Zity area.